Just now I dug up the original inspiration for this blog and thought I’d share.

Is this… The worst Wi-Fi ever?

worst wi-fi ever

I’d be interested to know if you’ve seen anything worse? Do share! :)

(Similarly – seen any surprisingly-awesome Wi-Fi and want to give kudos?)


  1. I’ve seen stuff like this, but never with the same SSID!
    My current hotel WLAN has a pretty wacky self-overlapping setup, plus there is a hotel across the road with 40MHz-channels that mess everything up. Requested to move to a room on the other side of the hotel. To make matters worse, there is a bunch of TP-LINK devices, which I haven’t identified yet, that cause terrible ARP flood (48.8% airtime on the network is from a single TP-LINK flooder).
    Any ideas?

    • Not really sure about those TP-Link devices…Sounds pretty hideous. Escaping to elsewhere sounds like a good call! It would be interesting how common “bad Wi-Fi” is as a reason to move rooms (or complaint generally). You’d feel sorry for the hotel owner if they’d only done their WLAN correctly!


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