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Waging War on Bad Wi-Fi

Internet Passwords for Normal People

Hello, This blog post is a bit of a detour away from my normal ramblings on all things Wi-Fi. Today I'd like to talk a bit about Internet security and the importance of good passwords. If you're reading this then you're on the Internet and this post probably applies...

Some thoughts on Wi-Fi network Capacity Planning

Designing wireless networks is not all about “signal strength” and “dBm”, it’s also important to put the right number of wireless Access Points (APs) in to provide the level of network capacity you need. Too many APs wastes customer money and in the worst case scenarios simply generates interference and network overheads instead of extra capacity. Install too few APs and at busy times, you risk the Wi-Fi performance taking a nose-dive.

Designing for Voice – How Much Coverage?

This blog post expands upon a recent question I posted in the CWNP’s CWAP/CWDP study forum relating to the practice of providing coverage overlap for voice grade Wi-Fi deployments:- Why is specifying 2 or more APs with Sig’ Strength of -6xdBm best practice?