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About Weapons Grade WiFi

All about this blog
Weapons Grade Wi-Fi is a place where I publish my thoughts and experiences in the world of enterprise Wi-Fi. I currently work as the Product Manager for the BBC’s wireless network. I have a passion for both people and technology and am keen to promote the efficient operation and development of both! I have a background and familiarity with a wide variety of technologies from LAN switching to IDP/S and data centre management principles. My passion for Wi-Fi is in part driven by my interest in the ides of Ray Kurzweil and the Singularity Institute; seemless digital communications will become more and more pervasive in our lives. I hold a current the three CWNP “P” level certifications (CWDP, CWAP, CWSP) and am looking to obtain the vender certifications required to apply for the CWNE. Apart from this I have a passion for dog training and the outdoors and enjoy gaming, both boardgames and video.


Pertaining to materials used for making nuclear weapons; by extension, pertaining to an extremely powerful version of something –
Jon Foster

Jon Foster

Senior Product Manager - Wi-Fi at the BBC