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Waging War on Bad Wi-Fi

Designing for Voice – How Much Coverage?

This blog post expands upon a recent question I posted in the CWNP’s CWAP/CWDP study forum relating to the practice of providing coverage overlap for voice grade Wi-Fi deployments:- Why is specifying 2 or more APs with Sig’ Strength of -6xdBm best practice?

2015 UK Higher Education WLAN Survey – Results

Working for a long time in any one place cannot creates a real risk of acquiring myopic view of the world; you start making assumptions that the rest of the world is similar to your own place of work. I’ve been working on Wi-Fi at the University of Exeter for a good 5 years now and although I do touch base with peers at other institutions it struck me that I didn’t really know what the major challenges were that other teams faced, or what kind of Wi-Fi stuff they had going on.